a▓tion started on Friday, w

ith 5,000 Shiite people leaving Kafaraya and Foa and 2,300 rebels and their families leaving the town of Madaya as first batches.The Shiite ▓people reached the rebel-held town of Rashideen, w▓hile the rebels reached the government-controlled▓ Ramouseh crossing in Aleppo.Both convoys were set ▓

to leave to their respective destinations, before the rebels in Rashideen held the convoy of the Shiite people, adding new demands to the original deal.The reb▓el convoy was also stuck at Ramouseh, ami

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d reports that communications were underway to continu▓e the implementation of the deal.A source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the rebels' new demand▓ was the evacuation of the Shiite fighters first from Kafraya and Foa, before the civi▓lians.But the demand was rejected as there is▓ a fear that if the Shiite fighters, who are defending the towns, left the towns first the rebels could attack the towns and c▓ommit massacres there.Now, there is a state of extreme dismay among the evacuees from Kafraya and Foa.An eye witne▓ss from those waiting in Rashideen told Xinhua that three people with medical conditions died while waiting, before the explosion.He added that three women gave birth inside the busses ami

d tough humanitarian situation▓

uation of the people from

as those people have been waiting there for 24 hours without enough food or w▓ater.Please scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us o▓n WechatResidents in Luotuowan village have a busy winter this year. They are building new houses and new roads, a scene never seen in these ▓parts before.Xi's village tours assure pover▓ty reductionXi's village tours assure poverty redu▓ction12-28-2016 19:41 BJTBEIJING, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Residents in Luotuowan village have a b▓usy winter this year. They are building new houses and ▓new roads, a scene never seen in these parts before."In past winters, elders just squ▓atted at their house gates to enjoy sunshi▓ne with hands buried in sleeves, and s

ome laborers climbed up hills to

the pro-government Shiite to

collect ▓firewood," said Gu Runjin, 68, a Party official in the mountain village in Hebei Province."The traditional restful winter has become a busy one," he said.Deep in the Taihang Mountains, Fuping County, which administers Luotuowan village,▓ has been under a national poverty reduction program since the mid-1990s. In 2013, the county's registered poverty-stricken population was around 110,000, or 4▓8 percent of its total.Great changes started taking place▓ in this remote village after a visit by Xi Jinping▓ in December 2012, shortly after he was elected gene▓ral secretary of the Communist Party of China Cent▓ral Committee.During his 2012 trip to th▓e county, Xi told officials to work hard to help villagers in pove

rty live a better life as so▓on

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as possible.NEW HOMES NEW LIVESTang Rongbin, 73, from Luo▓tuowan, and Gu Chenghu, 65, from Guji▓atai village, were both visited by Xi in 2012 and then had had their homes rebuilt and livin▓g standards improved."My current living conditio▓ns are almost the same as someone living in the city. I used to live in a clay house and was not ac▓cust

omed to my new home when I moved in," Gu said. His ne▓w

house has four bedrooms, a living room an

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ince.The evacu

of his house to a tourism company.Farmers▓ in Luotuowan no longer cultivate the traditional

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